Pete’s Other Sermons

My practice in preaching is to preach through a book of Scripture from beginning to end.   I do this because I believe that, as you continue to come back again and again to the next passage and the next – the book becomes clearer.  I also have this thing about skipping passages – I refuse to skip over a passage of Scripture – (which can be annoying to those who make up the worship services).  However, this discipline has forced me to preach through passages and to engage with ideas that I would never preach through and engage with otherwise.

However – having said all this – sometimes I will preach from a passage that is not from the book I am preaching through.  I will see something in a passage that I just want to preach on – or I will be preaching on a communion sunday (and those sermons are supposed to be about communion – they are also supposed to be short homilies – but I don’t know how to preach a short homily).  OR, I will be wrestling with a passage that just isn’t coming together – in which case I will sometimes preach one of the Psalms.   You may have noticed that there are some sermons on the Psalms on this blog – but that I have not gone through the Psalms in order.

Anyway, when this happens, I end up with these sermons that do not fit into a larger body of work – so I have made this page to put them on.


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