Lent Sermons

Peace Hill Celebrates the season of Lent each year.   We think of Lent as a season during which we prepare for the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.  The Lenten sermons are seen as stages of movement towards the cross.   As we move towards the cross our sin and need becomes more and more evident until our Good Friday celebration, in which we read through the passion narrative of the Gospels – responding to each section in song.

Our Lenten weeks are as follows…

First Sunday in Lent we ask God to heal our broken relationships – both where we have sinned against others and where we have been sinned against.

Second Sunday in Lent, as we continue to move towards the cross, we want to take up the issue of our confidence in God during times of darkness and trial.

Third Sunday in Lent  is the sunday we ask for forgiveness for our violations of God’s Law and thank him for his Word.

Forth Sunday in Lent  we pray for God’s people, the church, repent of our wrong attitudes and actions towards the church,  and reaffirm our commitment to God’s Kingdom.

Fifth Sunday in Lent  is the heart of the penitential season. In this week we pray for forgiveness and healing in our relationship with God, and ask Him to write His new covenant on our hearts.

Palm Sunday  is the sunday when we celebrate the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Good Friday  is the day when we remember the torture and death by crucifixion of our Lord, Jesus.

Resurrection Day  is the day when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the Christ.

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