About Peace Hill Christian Fellowship

Peace Hill Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational fellowship that was founded in 1991 by Pete and Susan Bauer (my wife and myself), and Jay and Jessie Wise (my Parents-in-Law).   Basically, this is who we are and what we do…

* We subscribe to the Apostles Creed as our statement of faith.

* We teach/preach through the Letters, Prophecies, Poetry, Narrative, History of the scriptures – taking a book and preaching through it from beginning to end.  This forces us to talk about all of scripture and not just our favorite parts.   We attempt, in preaching/teaching the scriptures, to address passages and contexts as honestly as we are able and to recognize and talk about the cultural influences that have often created distortions of what the scriptures actually teach.  Our goal in preaching/teaching the scriptures is to bring out and point our congregation to the Gospel of grace and new life through Jesus Christ.

* We are a small, more or less informal (no dress code), friendly fellowship.  Our worship services start at 11:00 AM on Sunday mornings and last until about 12:30.   We generally open with a few worship songs, have a time of edification and announcements, have the sermon, and then spend the rest of our time responding to the sermon with worship.  Afterwards there is always a pot luck meal.  Visitors are encouraged not  to bring food the first time, but just to relax and get to know us.

* If you have other questions about the fellowship not addressed here, please send me an e-mail at peterbauer[at]peacehill[dot]org.

3 thoughts on “About Peace Hill Christian Fellowship

  1. I just read your sermon on Proverbs 27:23-27… Wow! Spot on for me today! Thank you so much. I signed up to receive your sermons via email and am looking forward to hearing more. Our God is an awesome God and I am grateful He led me to y’all!

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